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Our Purpose

It is the mission of East Bidwell to help students achieve academic and lifelong success by providing them with the structure, tools, and knowledge they each require with an exceptional commitment to customer service.

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"East Bidwell contains brilliant teachers, thinkers and engineers. After countless experiences I can recount that they first understand you as a person... (e.g. how you think, learn, and what makes up your biggest educational blockers) and then they tailor their educational methodology to suit you without compromising their fundamental beliefs and teaching strategy. I would recommend East Bidwell to anyone."

Willem P.

Subjects and Methods




Our methods consist of understanding the student, planning around their characteristics, and executing a strategy that is individualized to them


"Worked with a member of East Bidwell during my time as a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student. Strategies implemented with his help allowed me to understand and conceptualize difficult coursework and succeed not only in the classroom but currently in industry. I would highly recommend everyone to sign up for the free session and join a company which strives on building dedicated and ambitious individuals."

George E.

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"Any student who is seeking one-on-one tutoring and is in need of a learning environment that is driven toward student success would definitely love receiving academic help from East Bidwell. Program tutors allocate their time effectively to ensure that students walk away with a complete understanding of the material.  East Bidwell is a highly reputable service and I strongly recommend East Bidwell to all students."

Eranthi J.