The Best Motivator

Why do the students with a 4.0 keep studying? The fitness buffs keep working out? The professional who has received every accolade keep working? These people have tapped into a powerful motivator that can guide individuals for longer than any project or job ever could.

What these people have found is the power of competing against yourself versus competing against others. When every day becomes a question of how much better you can get, the result is a better individual over time.

Imagine how much better you could be if you got incrementally better each day for the next 10 years. The result would be an individual who has completely transformed themselves over time with just one single guiding principle: to get better every day.

These individuals also have the added benefit of shedding the pressures and noise of the outside world because rather than being constrained by the opinions of others, they are able to singularly focus on the item that matters most, their effort.

The questions they begin to ask are: How perfect can I get? How much harder can I work? How much more can I accomplish than the previous day? These questions lead to growth and every activity becomes a challenge. This lifestyle can even go so far as giving a purpose to one’s life.

How do the best students, athletes, and professionals continue to work at the rate at which they do? The answer is that they are focused on chasing down the possibility of what they could be.