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Here at East Bidwell, we hire the best, we train the best, and we deliver results. Guaranteed.

Most importantly, we have a proven track record of getting results.

We are a group of tutors with diverse interests and backgrounds. We know how to have fun, we know how to get through to the kids, and we know how to get our students where they want to be. 

Quite simply, nobody does it like we do.

Who we are.

From Calculus to World History, Elementary through College, we've got your back.

SAT, ACT, HSPT, Placement Exams, and everything in between.

Personal Statements, Supplemental Essays, and the entire application and recommendation process.


I worked with a member of East Bidwell during my time as Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student. Strategies implemented with his help allowed me to understand and conceptualize difficult coursework and succeed not only in the classroom but currently in industry. I would highly recommend everyone to join a company which strives on building dedicated and ambitious individuals.

If you need help in any class in school, East Bidwell tutors know it all. They have helped me to thrive in school and go above and beyond. If you are struggling with any topic, East Bidwell is the place to go! Trust me, it’s the best!

Your caring communication and professionalism makes you stand out in everything that you do.  You help make such a difference in both of my daughters education. Thank you for all that you do.



1. Classwork

2. Homework

3. Quizzes

We not only help you get your grades up, we explain material in a way that makes sense, and that you will use as a foundation for years to come.

We focus on strenghtening the three pillars of every class:



1. Diagnostic Testing

2. Review by Section

3. Practice Exams

With test prep, feeling comfortable with the test is they key to success. Exposure is imperative and practice makes perfect, which is why we divide our program into three steps:

You will step into the testing room feeling comfortable, confident, and secure!



1. Essays

2. Recommendations

3. Scholarships

College is an important decision and the application process can be incredibly frustrating. We help you put your best foot forward by focusing on:

East Bidwell.

No matter what you need, or when you need it, East Bidwell knows just how to help. We will always have your back, both in-person and online!

- Morgan, high-school student

- George, undergraduate student

- Jason, high-school parent

How we do it.

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