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Years Of Experience Helping Clients Succeed

We’re proud that most of our clients come from word of mouth advertising. This is the greatest complement we can receive!

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East Bidwell

We’ve worked with all types of abilities and personalities in our years of tutoring and we know how to get the best out of every student. Whether it is a class, time management, test taking strategies, or navigating a college admissions process, we know how to get you to perform at your level best. 

How We Can HelpYour Journey
1 Math

From Pre-Algebra to Calculus, we have you covered. 

2 Science

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Anatomy have you stressed out? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

3 English

Having trouble understanding how to write that essay or structure that book report? Our experts know the ins and outs.

4 Social Studies

From Dinosaurs to World Wars, we’ll fill in the story so you know what happened.

5 Test Preparation

We won’t help you cheat, but with our preperation, you won’t need to.

Read This...
The PyramidMethod

The Pyramid Method is the heart and soul of what we teach at East Bidwell. It is a structured approach to doing better in all walks of life. Like a pyramid, knowledge must be built with a strong base in order to support more complex topics. Check out our thoughts in this slideshow, and feel free to pass this method on to anyone who may need it!