Who we are

Hey, thanks for giving us your time! We know you can shop at a thousand different places online and we appreciate you checking us out.

East Bidwell is a retailer based out of Miami, Florida. Our team consists of a group of friends scattered throughout the United States who each have a different role in either making products, sourcing materials, designing marketing materials, handling logistics, managing the website, or selling our goods. 

What this brand stands for is higher quality products that are manufactured with exacting standards using materials that are known to be better. In short, we want people to get what they pay for in their higher quality items. In fact, we are obsessed with making this happen.

We could go into the full process of how we source, manufacture, import, distribute, and sell but it's a long story and we hope you'll let us tell you about it another time. 

In a nutshell, that's what this company is all about, better products sent directly to you. If you read this far, welcome to the family. Take a look around at our products, ask us any questions you may have, and let us send you whatever items you like best.

Talk Soon,

           East Bidwell